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Monday, November 28, 2011

C4T #4: EDM 310 Class Blog

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The Power of Educational Technology

Lisa Thumann, a sixth-grade teacher who has taught for 20 years, has decided to join the School for Global Education and Innovation at Kean University, and she is excited about the change. She says she wants to keep on working with others in the educational field to prepare students for five years from now. She mentioned that it is not the device or technology, but the "methodologies that help students meet their objective."
Ready to face the challenge, she looks forward to it, so I congratulated her success and thanked her for her years of service in the public school system, reminding her that her past work and future work will change lives. She will definitely be in her element, and I wished her much success.

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10 Things You Could Be Working On

Lisa Thumann has composed both a list of resources for teachers to augment the funding provided them for their classrooms, and a list of projects or conferences to participate in. I thanked her for taking the time to compile this list, and write a short synopsis of what each opportunity entails how it can be useful to teachers and students. The participating businesses and organizations provide a chance for children to become involved in helping themselves; several of the contributing organizations actually give prize monies for projects, so the students begin to realize how far hard, diligent work can take them, and that someone cares beyond the school, the classroom, and the community. These offerings are a wonderful way to get students motivated and eager to participate.
I commented that I copied her list to my PLN, and plan to utilize it, as well as local business contributions to help my students achieve success. I'm not afraid to beg, demand, insist, and even grovel when it comes to providing success to my students; having such experienced educators as she providing helpful resources makes our tasks less daunting and more achievable.

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