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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Final Project Progress Report: EDM 310 Class Blog

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Green Screen anyone? Please?!

My group mates and I met recently, and discussed what we thought, collectively, might be a great culminating project to showcase our technological savvy and knowledge of its uses and benefits. We want to make it entertaining, informative and of quality. In keeping with the overall strength of EDM 310 in modern education, we have decided to explore the dichotomy that exists between the use of computers in the classroom and the nonuse of computers in the classrooms. Certainly not a new topic, nor one that is lacking in a host of controversy, we have decided to incorporate several skills and programs we have been introduced to in EDM 310 into our final project.
The problem is that we would love to learn all about green screen manipulation so we can use it in our multimedia movie. I have asked about having a workshop or class to learn this element; it would be most beneficial to our project, and a quality technological skill itself. I suppose we could "adapt", and make do with other clever devices to reach our goal, but I am really hoping that green screen will be available to learn and use! It could be so useful in a classroom-a teacher could manipulate pictures from around the world of places, events in history, and other significant happenings and superimpose the students' likenesses to produce a 'virtual field trip' to share with other classes, or as a group project component. I have been to Rome to the Colosseum, but many of my students may never get the chance. Using green screen would make a wonderful aspect of a science or social studies project come to life for students! And they would have much fun telling about their "trip" and new "virtual experiences"!
These ideas and a host of others can be fun and used in the classroom to get students involved, enthusiastic, and ready to learn more about the world around them. My group hopes to make a video movie that shows our skills, enthusiasm and classroom readiness!! Let's please get Elizabeth Brooks to show us green screen!

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