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Saturday, October 1, 2011

C4K: EDM 310 Class Blog: Summary Post for September Comments

Click here to read Sam's post

Sam's post about his Avatar was short yet descriptive. He used the term "ordinary" to describe his personality traits-friendly, smart and shy. I assured him that he was unique and anything but ordinary; I entreated him to always be himself, and therefore the best version! His writing reflected good grammar and definite proofreading.

Cheni's Adventure in Paris ,
My student, Cheni, wrote about her exciting trip to Paris, France with relatives to see a game of rugby and the Eiffel Tower. A fellow traveler myself, I mentioned my ascension to the top of the tower with my family and how great it was that we both were lucky enough to travel abroad, as many people do not have that opportunity. We visited at different times during the year (she in the warmth, I in the cold!) but we both regaled the excitement of our travels and the memories that they afford us. Cheni writes well, and follows the rules of grammar resolutely. Terrific reading!

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  1. I hope you find C4K beneficial to you. I know from the comments of the teachers that they find them useful and the kids love getting them. Writing for a real audience is important!

    Well don!