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Sunday, October 9, 2011

PLN Update Progress-Project #10 : EDM 310 Class Blog

My PLN is housed on Symbaloo and Diigo. Diigo bookmarks for me if I see a quick resource, and I go back when I have time and visit the website, explore, and decide if and where I want a resource or not. I like to check closely the tiles I create; I'm still learning how to navigate Symbaloo to get the most use out of it. Building a quality PLN takes much revising, updating, organizing, rearranging, creating, and most importantly, UTILIZING to be effective.
A quick reference guide, Symbaloo allows you to personalize and set up your pages to suit your educational needs. In simpler terms, my idea of establishing an outstanding and useful PLN is to spend a short time every day reviewing bookmarked websites and resources, decide which ones and where to add to my Symbaloo PLN, and organize them accordingly. I like the idea of having two bookmarking systems; I can use one as a filter, and the Symbaloo as my main resource.
I am spending time each day to bookmark resources, explore them, and gauge their employment and value. Not every resource is viable, and the world wide web of information is always in flux. The formidable navigation of our 'cyber resource center' makes it challenging to use effectively. Fortunately, meeting that challenge also lends us an upper hand in being much better educators.

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