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Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Post #14 : Jose Picardo : EDM 310 Class Blog


Box of Tricks

Mr. Picardo has compiled a very useful list of tools and their links for teachers. His top ten list is what teachers should live by; each can be easily incorporated into curriculum and classroom activities and offer advantages in keeping students participating. Streaming video, music, teleconferencing, interactive exercises, better use of IWBs, and podcasts are a few of his suggestions. Used to deepen the educational experience and pique the interest of your students, social networks, blogs, internet tools, and the maximum benefit of their OWN devices can make your direction and guidance in the classroom more effective. I copied his sources into my PLN for later evaluation and organization, and especially appreciated his huge list of tools and how they worked.

Triptico is great for gameshow formatted IWB app for games, quizzes, and text analysis tools. He discusses the iPad's usefulness in "bringing the subject to life in front of your very eyes", which would hold students' attention well.
Quizzin also lets you embed a quiz into a blog post, so it could be used as an informal assessment, or a way to make sure students visit and maintain their blogs regularly. These tools are a teacher's best friend when it comes to teaching technology. All learning types in our students benefit from a daily exposure to these and others. Sharing his research results to help other teachers, Mr. Picardo reminds us to keep our minds open and our students will learn from us and through us. I look forward to visiting each site and exploring the usefulness of each tool, and establishing their places and values in my PLN.

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  1. Hey Gretchen,

    I am glad that you found some good tools that you might want to use one day in your classroom. I think that many of these tips you have already been exposed to in EDM.

    Good post,

    Stephen Akins