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Monday, December 5, 2011

Final Report on PLN : EDM 310

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Each month I receive bills in the mail, so I pay them, and mark them "paid". Then they go into a holding drawer, until I have time to sort and put them in proper folders. Until my PLN is organized EXACTLY the way I decide it will be to best suit me, I will continue to simply collect and sort its sources! Under general labels, I house many websites and ideas for my classroom. As time allows, I will explore these sites, make decisions, and put them in more specifically organized folders and web mixes. Symbaloo is my choice to compose an ever-changing and growing network. I look forward to perusing my Twitter daily to pull new possible resources from my Tweets to my Symbaloo tiles. There is so much creative freedom in these applications, and the fact that they are free makes them even more enticing! Teachers can easily use these tools to make teaching tech a lot easier and more accessible. Blogs are great sources as well; I have many teachers' blogs in my web resource folders.

Diigo is a great bookmarking app that allows one to add quickly a possible lookover when there is more time.  The library sidebar makes it easy to revisit and filter possible classroom sources; I am constantly adding, editing, deleting and changing tiles. If I take a small amount of time to practice maintaining my PLN, it will provide me and my students with an ongoing source of modern learning material pertinent to students' futures.

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