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Monday, December 5, 2011

Project #7: C4K November Comments: EDM 310 Class Blog

comments for kids

My first comment was to Mr. McClung's World Class Blog post in which they were learning about writing professional letters to the community's leaders and businessmen requesting their help with some projects. I pointed out that this skill was particularly valuable in that it is a lot like grant writing, or what some non-profit organizations consider a requirement to foster community and public relations. Some organizations rely heavily on the donations, grants and provisions of the local citizens, and the classroom is the suitable place to hone those skills.
I wished them luck in their endeavor and that I would love to hear about their progress and project updates.

Secondly, I commented on Htawara's Class Blog when I watched her animated videos and listened to her describe her family members' names and what she liked to do at school and home. She went to her father's shop after school, and liked to swim a lot. She had pictures of her swimming on her blog. I complimented her talent for animating short videos and asked her a couple of questions about the yearly temperature in her country, Burma. I commented that I love to swim also and grew up swimming in an Olympic-sized pool when I was little. I encouraged her to make and publish more videos to tell us more about herself.

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