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Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Reflection Blog #15 :EDM 310

I have learned so much this semester. Although this class was daunting for me from the start, I have overcome my fear. The key is taking time and exploring what you find! This is my final blog post, a personal reflection. These are the things I take with me from this class and experience!! Thanks to Dr. Strange and the lab assistants at University of South Alabama! Good luck to my fellow students!

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  1. Top ten technology habits want to incorporate into her class 1. Blog 2. Making Video Greenscreen in room. Emphasize Creativity 3. Podcasts 4. Diigo, Delicious, PLN 5. Wordles 6. Class Twitter. 7. Incorporate web into assignments 8. Skype 9. Virtual field trip with greenscreen postcards 10. Link to other classes and kids around the world. Comprehensive. Very well done. You drank all of the EDM310 Kool-Aid! Good luck in accomplishing it as well!