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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blog Post #4: EDM 310 Class Blog

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Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog

I listened to three podcasts and was amazed how closely I paid attention to the information being given. The music added depth, and interest, smoothly transitioning from one subject to the next. I really like the fact that each podcast had a "Vocabulary Vault", where a related word was defined and used in sentences for better understanding. The students' voices were excited, and they seemed to really be involved and enjoy what they were doing.
Podcasts are a wonderful useful way for students to showcase their learning, and the fact that they can be accessed from any computer means that parents can access what their children are learning. The people in and facts about history 'come alive' in podcasts; they are a creative way for students to take a subject and make it exciting to research and share with others. I cannot wait to use podcasts in my classroom, and give my students creative freedom in their learning and sharing!

Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog

Judy Scharf's Podcast Collection
I saved the website "Cirriki" and became a member after listening to the two podcasts on the page. They were entertaining, informative, and allowed students a chance to be creative when studying the digestive system and a safari project, complete with voices (some fuuny), sounds and appropriate music. A virtual field trip idea, these podcasts made learning fun and taught real facts with a touch of humor and silliness (the burp!).
With complete and detailed instructions on making your own podcasts, easy enough to be in handout form (supplied on the Curriki) so that students can become familiar with the creative process, Mrs. Scharf's in-depth analysis on podcast production is a valuable tool in any classroom curriculum. I will use her detailed how-tos in my PLN and share it with as many educators as are willing to listen and learn. I cannot wait to work on my class podcast and then introduce them to my future classroom!

Judy Scharf's Podcast Collection

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale

Joe Dale presented the benefits of using podcasts in the classroom in a very simple and effective way. He pointed out that students no longer have to miss important information when absent, as any computer can be used to listen to a podcast from home. He explained how simply they can be created, showing a group of students actually recording one; and the dramatic affect of making a book reading come alive when used in unison with other teachers' voices, and enhance the drama and interest for the students.
The principal in the video also mentioned that podcasts are a great way for parents to be involved actively in what is going on in the classroom. One student mentioned that she and her family listen to podcasts in their vehicle on family trips! How wonderful that is for her learning experience and confidence in the classroom!
Mr. Dale makes a very convincing argument for the effective use of podcasts in ANY classroom. They are a useful tool to create, inform, review, entertain and dramatize educational material to make it easily accessible and more interesting to students, other classrooms and schools, and parents. I am enthusiastic about using podcasts and teaching my students how to create and use them throughout the school year.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

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