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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project #3 - C4T Summary: Russ Goerend's Blog Post(s): EDM310 Class Blog

Read Mr. Goerend's Blogs Here
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In Mr. Goerend's first blog, he discussed a thought about who is accountable for students' learning, when the what is given but we as teachers must discover the how. He compared how we teach ourselves as adults to how we determine (as educators) to teach children.
I commented that we as teachers can use self-reflection in the classroom during and after instruction by keeping a mental log of the students' participation in activities and learning to know which modes(s) work best for each individual student. That will help make the learning interesting and facilitate lifelong learning.

In his second blog, where Mr. Goerend and some friends were at a HS football game, he commented on the different types of dads he saw, and the characteristics of each. He then mentioned his father and the relationship they had, reflecting that he would embody the sport-fanatic spirit he wants to share with his son as they watch games together.
Never having played sports, I mentioned my participation in other activities where my father was present and always encouraging. He was a proud dad, although not outspoken about it. I stated that now that Mr. Goerend was a dad, he had the chance to stand at the fence and cheer his son in the future the way his father had done in the past.

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