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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project #1 cont'd:"Mr. Winkle Wakes" by Mathew Needleman

The short film is a narrative that showcases the discoveries of someone who has awakened after a century of sleeping, and in so doing, bypasses the emergence of the technological age and its impact on everyday life. Visible everywhere are the signs of computers and their roles in modern civilization, making our Mr. Winkle uncomfortable. When he arrives at the local school, however, it seems to be faniliar, much like his century-old remembrance of what school was like for him, as he gazes at a dusty, unused "machine".
I believe the film maker is simply suggesting that the distance that modern human life has come in so short a period as a century is indicative of how far it will have come, again, in another century. In the human time-line, 100 years is but a moment, and if we ignore or do not substantially embrace that moment, and be vigilant as to the lightning-quick changes that modern technology brings, we will fall behind, individually and as a nation. It was a simple way to bring home an important observation regarding the importance of the electronic world to modern education.

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