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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Project #3-C4T #1:Russ Goerend's Blog Entitled "Do You Own Your Learning?" EDM310 ClassBlog

to go to the blog by Russ Goerend       Mr. Goerend brings up some key questions about who is accountable for students' learning, and addresses important aspects of how we learn as opposed to what we learn. As adults we ideally understand the best way which each of us processes new information and we can use that skill to learn. For example, my father is an auditory learner, so he recorded his voice repeating the state-issued license plate numbers for each county in Alabama onto a cassette and listens to it numerous times daily until he memorizes them. He determined what he wanted to learn and how, and used that knowledge.
     As teachers, what we teach is determined by authorities and state mandates; it is up to us, though, to use innovative technology and diverse assessment techniques to realize how best to assist each student in reaching his potential, and ideally, facilitate a lifelong desire to learn beyond what is expected.                  
     Self-reflection is a positive way to provide feedback on observable student experiences. We can ask ourselves questions before, during and after instruction, making notes in our minds. If we maintain a "mental log" on students' individual levels of interest, participation, enthusiasm, and most importantly, willingness to try and fail, we can help pave the way for students to become productive, self-confident contributors to man's general body of knowledge. In simple terms, if a child enjoys or shows interest in what he is learning, he is apt to seek out learning experiences and chances to grow intellectually.

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