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Monday, September 5, 2011

My C4C #1 for Faun Lyles' EDM310 Blog Post #2

As I read Faun's blog post #2 about the videos we were assigned, I realized that she understood the main point of each author or video, and I like the way she restated the action or idea of each. She quoted several facts or concepts which shows that they stood out in her mind. Using simple sentences and first person, Faun explained her opinions and agreements with the videos, which showed clearly her feelings about what she read and saw.
I think Faun's writing would be easier to read if there more of a flow, a smoother transition from one paragraph to the other. Each paragraph needs a topic sentence, then the body, then a conclusion. The reader can follow easier and understand better what she is saying.
There were a couple of sentences that were without a subject and verb, or incomplete; they should have come after a comma or semi-colon as part of the sentence before.
Faun expresses her thoughts well, using expressive language, which makes reading her blogs enjoyable. With a few adjustments, and observation of grammatical rules, her writing will be exemplar to those she teaches and communicates with.

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