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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Project #7-C4K#2: EDM310 Class Blog

My student's blog was short and gave a quick synopsis about the 3rd grade book she is reading, "Junie B. First Grader Cheater Pants". She stated that she was anxious to read and find out what happened to the main character when she copied a schoolmate's homework, and she felt that what the main character did was wrong.
I encouraged her anticipation and excitement about what will happen to the main character, Junie B., and agreed with her feeling that Junie's actions were wrong. I assured her that good writing evokes feelings like hers and that I would like to know the outcome of the book.

Click here to read KA2011's blog

C4K #3: EDM 310 Class Blog

My first student's blog had was a short story about his class's activities that morning. I commented that his story was exciting to read and I thought he used descriptive words well to capture the students' actions and excitement. I reminded him to observe good grammar and make sure his writing was grammatically correct, and encouraged him to keep writing well and keep up the enthusiasm.

My second student's blog was a short synopsis of the book she is reading. I commented that her feeling about the main character's action was admirable, and that the book sounded exciting. I also said that her anticipation of what will happen to the main character is a sign of good writing; I encouraged her to keep reading, and stated that I would love to know what happened (to the book's main character) in a future blog myself.

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